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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Larger Than Ever — The 2017 Black Writers On Tour Conference & Southern California Black Business Expo to Take Place Under One Roof

Black Writers on Tour Conference

Authors engaged at a seminar during last year’s Black Writers on Tour Conference

Los Angeles, CA — Dr. Rosie Milligan brings the largest black cultural event for Southern California – the Black Writers On Tour Conference & Southern California Black Business Expo under one roof in Carson, California, a Los Angeles neighboring city.

This year’s conference is unprecedented – the Carson Black Chamber, Girls Pursuing Science, EACL—Wootloop, Pasadena/San Gabriel Journal Newspaper and Dangerman the Urban Superhero – Black owned businesses provide major sponsorship for BWOT to make it one of the most powerful cultural events of the year.

Last year, Carson Black Chambers started the movement by donating six PC Tablets for the writing contest winners. This powerful one-day event will be held on Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. at the Congresswoman JMM Community Center, 801 E. Carson Street, Carson, California 90746.

This conference will be more dynamic than ever, showcasing more than 100 Black authors, and 50 plus Black businesses showcasing their products and services. There will be literary agents and publishers gathering for this powerful one-day event. The publishing industry has changed; the Internet, Social Media, E-books and Print-On-Demand have taken the publishing industry in a completely new direction. The days for aspiring writers to have to beg and to wait to have their work published are gone forever. This conference has been designed to provide writers and aspiring writers with the practical information they need to be successful in the literary industry.

This year’s theme is, “Literacy is Everybody’s Business – Businesses Thriving Versus Surviving.” There will be local authors and authors from across the country participating. For past events we have had 3,000 plus in attendance.

The Black Writers On Tour & Southern California Black Business Expo is designed to connect writers with readers, and consumers with black businesses. There will be workshops and seminars for writers/aspiring writers, business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and for the general public. There will be book signings throughout the day. You will get a chance to meet and greet authors from across the country.


1. The renowned Dr. Boyce Watkins, “Financial/Business Guru” will speak at 12 noon.
2. “Let the Children Speak” Writer’s Contest & Sshowcase, ages 10-15. Cash prizes.
3. Writing contest for high school and college students age 16-25 with dialog
4. Girls pursuing science seminar, participants will produce a product to take home.
5. Entrepreneur workshop for teens and young adults
6. Pitch your business idea competition, for girls — middle school and high school and win start-up capital. (This project is in collaboration with Girls Pursing Science)
7. “Let the Elders Speak” forum presents: “Men writers from behind the walls—men fall down but men can get up—men share their stories and their success—there is life after incarceration. Real men talk!”

Writers’ workshops will be held throughout the day and will cover a variety of topics, including: How To Write, Publish and Sell Your Book Made Simple, How to Write a Best-Selling Novel, Creative Writing Class For The Beginners, Protecting Your Writing Rights, and Trademark and Patent Rights, How To Book Yourself and Get Massive Media Exposure Without a Publicist. There are 8 Writers Seminars and 8 FREE seminars for the general public.

Visit www.blackwritersontour.com for paid and free seminar schedule or call (323) 750-3592.


Dr. Rosie Milligan
(323) 750-3592