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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

3 People Arrested After Foster Child Beaten For Not Finishing Homework

Child abuse suspects

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Three people have been arrested in Florida for reportedly brutally beating a child with several things such as jump rope, belt, clothes hanger, and even a charging cord because the child did not finish his/her homework.

Rashad Forman, his mother, Turella Forman, and his father, Duane Fletcher, are now facing aggravated child abuse charges in connection to the incident.

According to the affidavit, Rashad Forman started beating the child with a jump rope as punishment because he “thought I did not do my homework,” the child told investigators.

When Turella Forman came home, she beat the child again with a phone cord. The child said he/she was forced to hold two books in each hand and keep the arms straight as he/she was being beaten. A rag was put in his/her mouth “so nobody can hear me,” the child said.

The beatings have caused “an uncountable number of whip and lash marks throughout (the child’s) entire body.” A medical examination found the child doesn’t have any area of clean, unscarred skin on the upper thighs.

Moreover, the affidavit stated that Turella Forman has been allegedly involved in cases of child abuse since 2015 and five other children has been removed from the home. The foster child has also been removed but returned a year later.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office Child Protective Investigative Section was being questioned why Turella Forman was still allowed to foster children despite the previous allegations. But they declined to comment, citing that their cases are confidential.

Meanwhile, two of the suspects were released on bond while an investigation into the case is ongoing.