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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

4th Annual Denton Black Film Festival, the Largest Ever, Announces Award-Winning Films

— More than 5,000 attendees participated in the weekend-long cultural celebration, featuring “Steps,” with Rob Morgan, leading actor in “Mudbound,” the Oscar-nominated movie —

Denton Black Film Festival

The Campus Theater in Denton, Texas served as one of the primary venues for the 2018 Denton Black Film Festival, where more than 5,000 guests check out nearly 50 films, spoken word, music, comedy, fashion, and art.

Denton, TX — Celebrating its largest attendance ever, the Denton Black Film Festival announced the winners of its 2018 awards, recognizing emerging filmmakers from around the country and talented college students.

These films were screened January 25 to January 28 along with others, including “Steps,” starring Rob Morgan, leading actor in “Mudbound,” the Oscar-nominated movie. The events occurred at various venues in Denton where more than 5,000 enthusiastic participants laughed, cried, discussed, debated and danced their way through the weekend. In addition to the films, there was live music (Frank McComb), comedy (Piper the Comedian and Comedian Q), an interactive art show (Freedman Town 2.0), and eight workshops on a range of subjects, including crowdfunding, the art and business of film and understanding drone law and regulation.

“We had so many excellent entries,” said Linda Eaddy, the festival’s director of the film, who has curated a collection that champions student filmmakers, along with highlighting local, national, and international independent filmmakers. “This year, we showcased 48 films, including a large number of women writers and directors. This is a testimonial of how much we’ve grown since our first year when we only had 13 films.”

Other featured films included: “All or Nothin’,” directed and written by Charles K. Campbell; “La Vie Magnifique de Charlie,” directed by Bobby Huntley; written by Nikki Wade, Bobby Huntley; “For Ahkeem,” directed by Jeremey S. Levine and Landon Von Soest; “Talking Black in America,” directed by Neal Hutcheson, Danica Cullinan; “Slikk Muzik – Miracles & Muzik,” directed by Jeff Adair; “These Beats Ain’t Free,” produced by Justin Rhodes,

The Best Narrative and the Best Short Film each received a DJL Mavic Pro 4K Drone, sponsored by last year’s winner Lewis Taylor Productions for “Jerico”. Panavision also awarded the winner of the Best Narrative a $20,000 camera package rental.

In addition to trophies and certificates, monetary prizes will be awarded to the Best Documentary ($1000); Best Short ($250 sponsored by POORCHILD FILMS); and the Best College Short ($150).

Here’s a list of the winners, runners-up and honorable mentions:

Narrative Feature
* “Black Cop,” written and directed by Cory Bowles – Winner
* “Torments of Love,” written and directed by Caroline Jules – runner up

Documentary Feature
* “The Uncomfortable Truth,” written and directed by Loki Mulholland – Winner
* “Black Fatherhood: Trials and Tribulation, Testimony & Triumph,” written by Khalid White’ directed by Maia Porter. – Runner up
* “Evolutionary Blues, West Oakland’s Music Legacy,” directed by Cheryl Favio. – Honorable mention

Best Short Film
* “Colour Me Pretty,” written and directed by Jacolby Percy- Winner
* “Jake,” directed by Mike Tyner – Runner up
* “Senior Night,” directed by David Delaney Mayer- Honorable mention

Best College Student Short
* “Decoding Dark Matter,” written and directed by Crystal Waterton, Winner
* “Fostered,” written and directed by Christine Williams, Runner up
* “Breathless,” written and directed by Anaiis Cisco, Honorable Mention
* “Heart Eyes,” directed by Michea Bryant, Honorable Mention

For more information about the festival, go to www.DentonBFF.com


About the Denton Black Film Festival
Denton Black Film Festival is an annual cultural event, featuring the works of emerging filmmakers from around the country and talented college students, music, art and spoken word. More than 5,000 people attend the celebration of storytelling in various art forms, taking place in venues in Denton, Texas, just 45 miles north of Dallas. The event is an annual fundraiser for the Denton African-American Scholarship Foundation, which supports high school students.


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