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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mixing It Up: 5 Black Food Bloggers to Follow in 2019

Black food blogger

Nationwide — When you finally tire of the same recipes you’ve been recycling for months, it may be time to see what your favorite food blogger is up to. It’s always exciting to come across a delicious-looking recipe you just have to try for yourself. Unfortunately, when sifting through some of the most popular food blogs, you may find a lack of diversity in the writers. Many talented Black food bloggers don’t get the recognition they deserve. For this reason, we’ve found five flavorful food blogs spearheaded by Black chefs.

1. Sweet Tea & Thyme
Eden Westbrook is a Navy veteran, wife, mother, and chef. Westbrook went to culinary school at 22, and although she realized that working in restaurants wasn’t for her – cooking was. When her family and friends lauded her culinary talents, Westbrook decided to share her skills with a wider audience. Her blog features a variety of recipes that are accessible to aspiring chefs of all skills levels.

2. Sweet Potato Soul
If you’re vegan, this is the blog for you. Jenné Claiborne was raised on unhealthy food, but in college, she began her journey to healthy eating. Claiborne’s love for animals led her to pursue a vegan lifestyle, and she soon discovered a huge difference in her quality of life. Her day-to-day living began to feel more balanced, and she found lasting friendships. By sharing her stories and recipes, Claiborne continues to inspire those pursuing the same lifestyle.

3. The Hungry Hutch
Blogger Aaron Hutcherson makes the bold claim that he enjoys food even more sleep. As a boy, Hutcherson spent much of his time in the kitchen, observing his parents cook. Eventually, he decided to diversify his parents’ meal selections. Though Hutcherson initially considered cooking a hobby as opposed to a career choice, he couldn’t ignore his passion for it. For this reason, he began his blog. He posts a variety of savory recipes and comfort food, so his blog is a great source for rainy-day meals.

4. Black Girl Chef’s Whites
The author of this blog, Cheryl Lee, believes that “food is more than a means to survive.” Lee is highly experienced in her field: her dishes have been featured in magazines, and she has worked alongside chef Emeril Lagasse. Lee also worked as an instructor at the California School of Culinary Arts, and now she instructs her blog’s readers. Visitors to her blog can find a variety of healthy meals filled to the brim with nutrients.

5. Whisk It Real Gud
As a young girl, April Boller spent every weekend looking forward to large meals prepared by her mother and grandmother. She grew up with the knowledge that good food doesn’t have to be expensive. Boller’s blog focuses on simple dishes that feature fresh ingredients and few steps. Her repertoire of dishes is diverse, combining aspects of several different cultures.