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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

6 Reasons Why You Should Work in Social Care

African American social worker

Nationwide — If you’re looking for a new professional challenge and enjoy helping others, social care could be a career path to consider. Unfortunately, there are millions of elderly and vulnerable people within our communities that need special care, but there simply isn’t enough social care workers to assist. Consequently, there is a huge demand for people to enter the sector and this is set to continue in the next few years.

You will need to be the right fit for the role as working in social care is a vocational career, however, there are a variety of jobs in the sector that you may be interested in:

• Social worker: Offering support to vulnerable clients who suffer from disabilities, mental illness or are living in dangerous or abusive environments
• Care worker: A key support role that aids vulnerable adults with everyday household tasks and personal care so they can live more independently
• End of life carer: Taking care of those with terminal illnesses to ensure their last days are positive and comfortable
• Mental health therapist: Offering psychological therapy to those with mental health issues

While the health and social care sector can be challenging and sometimes stressful, you’ll experience many rewards while working in this field. Here are just a few reasons why you should work in social care:

1. The chance to help others

We can often feel helpless knowing that there are people out there that need support and don’t have anyone to turn to. Deciding to work in social care gives you the chance to make a difference in society. The smallest of gestures can make a huge difference to someone else’s day, especially if they’re alone and vulnerable. Although it may not be the most high-paying career, you’re sure to get job satisfaction knowing that your clients appreciate you. In turn, this should help you maintain a positive attitude and mindset.

2. You keep learning

Social care services are constantly adapting, which means there are many opportunities to climb the career ladder. If you’re someone who likes to push themselves to learn new things, social care is a career option to think about. By enrolling onto an MSW course at Wilfrid Laurier, you will improve your practice, upgrade your knowledge and gain leadership skills which are essential in the social care sector. After graduating, you’ll be open to a wider range of career paths including mental health therapy and family counselling to name just a few.

3. In demand

Choosing to leave any career and start a new one is a daunting prospect and one of the main reasons is the element of job security. According to a study, this sector needs to fill millions of job positions by the year 2030, due to increasing pressure on the social care sector. With this in mind, you can be assured that you are unlikely to be out of work for many years.

The good news is, that years of experience isn’t always necessary to get your foot in the door providing you have the relevant soft skills to handle the job role. As social care is a vocational service, you’ll need to obtain the correct values and personality traits to endure a long-lasting and successful career.

4. Learn something new every day

No two days are the same in social care, so if you’re someone who likes to juggle different tasks and take on challenges, you’ll be in your element on this career path.

You just never know what you’ll be facing on a day-to-day basis which can be difficult to manage but is also highly motivational. You’ll be dealing with people from all different backgrounds within each shift and need to have a flexible attitude to deal with unforeseen circumstances when you’re called in to assist with emergency cases.

5. It’s varied

Social work is a diverse sector that gives you the chance to branch out into different specialisms as you build on your experience. If you have worked in a particular role for several years, there is no reason why you couldn’t ask your employer if there were any opportunities to apply to, in order to enhance your knowledge and skillset.

6. You get to know your community

In the current day and age, it’s very unusual you truly get to know your local community, due to the fast-paced nature of life. Working closely with others allows you to develop your social connections with the clients themselves – and their family and friends. You’ll also get to work as part of a team with other professionals who share the same morals and ambitions as you.