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Monday, April 21, 2014

79-Year Old Independent Writer Releases 2nd Edition of an African American Family Trilogy

Adolphus Ward, independent writer of Tallman  trilogy

Author Adolphus A. Ward

Nationwide — Adolphus A. Ward, a seventy-nine year old independent writer, has released the 2nd Edition of The Tallman Trilogy – an African American family trilogy. His fascinating stories examine how conflict, both inside and outside a family, influenced individual behavior and continued to affect behavior in the generations that followed. The stories, he said, are connected yet they stand alone – each with themes of its own – each with a clear beginning, middle and end.

“HARVEST THE DUST” is the first of the trilogy.

“MILK THE IRON COW” is the second.

“STAND UPSIDE DOWN” is the third and final book.

Mr. Ward’s captivating stories follow the lives of three successive generations of the Tallman Family. Ward admits he is unaware of another trilogy, in print or ebook, of African American Family life and assumes his to be unique, both in structure and story content.

His stories begin on a cotton farm in Colt, Arkansas, 1934 – a time of the Great Depression and Jim Crow Laws. The stories end in two Wisconsin Cities: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1941– a time of World War II and job discrimination, based on race; and Kenosha, Wisconsin 1984 – a time when Affirmative Action was under siege.

Ward was unequivocal when he said, ‘My stories are an acclamation to the resilience of African American People.’

The trilogy is available at his website in print and ebook. He believes readers will finish his novels with an enlightened understanding of African American life.

For more details about Adolphus A. Ward and his The Tallman Trilogy books, visit www.adolphusward.net

Adolphus Ward