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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

8 New Science Fiction Novels By Different African American Authors Add a Bizarre New Twist to Black Literature

-– Speculative Fiction That Transcends Race, Space and Time —

Black Science Fiction Society Books


Nashville, TN – The Black Science Fiction Society (BSFS), a collaboration of talented and diverse fiction authors from around the globe, has just released 8 new science fiction novels written by different African American authors. The books have already been heralded as classic stories of imagination.

The titles include Afrofuturism by Ytasha L. Womack, American Specter: The Seven Sisters by Rasheedah Prioleau, Broken Glass by Thaddeus Howze, COG by K. Ceres Wright, Conception: Volume 2 of the Darkside Trilogy by William Hayashi, Genesis a compilation edited by Jarvis Sheffield, Silenced by Nicole Givens Kurtz, and Subject 82-42 by Ronald T. Jones.

These authors, all incredibly talented, are recognized and award-winning veteran writers. They come from different parts of the country, including New York, Chicago, and Nashville, but are working together to promote their books.

Jarvis Sheffield, M. Ed., founder of the Black Science Fiction Society and also editor of one of the books, comments, “We have proven that by working together, we can accomplish great things.” He adds, “We think that it is essential for characters of all colors and creeds to be represented positively and fairly. Given that, this movement is not exclusive to Black People, it is for all people but with a Black focus. We welcome all races and ethnicities to sample works from our top creative minds with The Future of Fiction.

All of their books are available for purchase at www.TheFutureOfFiction.com

About The Black Science Fiction Society (BSFS)
Founded in 2008, The Black Science Fiction Society aims to showcase new and interesting literature that is edifying to the soul of readers. Via their online community, members are provided avenues to unapologetically share and showcase their thoughts, dreams and aspirations. Their ultimate goal is to create, highlight, celebrate and develop Black science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy and horror.

More authors needed: Authors of speculative fiction material (science fiction, horror, and/or fantasy) are invited to join the Black Science Fiction Society. If interested, please send an email to info@blacksciencefictionsociety.com

Jarvis Sheffield, M.Ed.
Black Science Fiction Society