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Friday, January 29, 2021

8-Year Old Love Creates a Book Based on the Bible Verse That Inspired Her Name

Love Bradley, 8-year old author of 'Love to Me'

Nationwide — Love is one of the most healing and harmonizing powers in the universe. Love conquers all. Love is a language all of its own. In her new book entitled Love to Me, an 8-year old girl named Love Bradley explores the Bible verse at 1 Corinthians 13 and what it has to say about love. Love also wrote using her own handwriting in the book what she deems love to be in her world.

The book Love to Me was published late December 2020 and has made it to #3 on the Amazon Bestsellers list for Old Testament Commentaries. When asked how does she feel about the success of her book, Love responded, “Well, it’s great with Covid going on that people are leaning to a good scripture.”

Love to Me can be purchased on Amazon in paperback and hardback form on the website at NaomiHBradley.com