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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

9 Killed in Baltimore Over the Memorial Day Weekend — But Why No Protesting?

Baltimore Violence

Baltimore, MD — According to the local police department, 35 people have been killed during the month of May in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. 9 of those murders and an additional 30 non-fatal shootings just happened over the past memorial day weekend, leaving a 9-year old boy with a bullet wound in his leg.

Officials say this is the deadliest month of May in Baltimore since 1999, and most of the record-setting violence is happening in West Baltimore, which is also where most of the Freddie Gray riots and protests took place.

Police say they do not know why crime is spiked in this part of town, but they are planning to reassign veteran officers, captains, and commanders to West Baltimore who have developed strong relationships with the residents there.

But City Councilman Bill Henry from West Baltimore says the real solution is to create jobs in the community. He told the Baltimore Sun, “The underground economy is more attractive when the above ground economy isn’t built for you.”

Meanwhile others are in the community are questioning why the violence is not being protested by local black leaders, who are otherwise very upset if an unarmed Black man is killed by a white police officer. Some have asked, “Why is there no action being taken when 35 people have been killed by other African-Americans? But yet, we get upset if one is killed by a white cop.”

Watch the video below:

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