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Sunday, March 6, 2022

Black TV Personality Makes History, Acquires 100% of the Rights to His Local TV Show

Aaron Jordan Jr, host of Cafe Conversations With Mr. Know Your Worth

Nationwide — Aaron Jordan, Jr., the host of a local TV program called Cafe Conversations with Mr. Know Your Worth, didn’t always own the rights to his show but has now successfully acquired 100% ownership. Known for its interviews with prolific people with powerful stories of triumph, the show currently broadcasts on Christian Television Network (CTN-WHTN) in Middle Tennessee (the Greater Nashville area and other surrounding counties), and also some parts of Kentucky.

The acquisition, which provides Jordan with all the catalogs and copyrights of the show, is expected to create an avenue for him to develop more shows, concepts, and hosting opportunities.

“My team and I are looking to explore more acquisition and licensing opportunities,” Jordan says. “I understand the demand for content, and we have a total of 20 shows currently in the catalog that have aired on a regional network for proof of concept. Also, this can lead to other avenues in the TV entertainment space (i.e. another TV show concept, hosting, etc).”

Jordan says that this landmark achievement is a result of long-term efforts right from the inception of the idea of the concept for a TV show, and further attributed his success to a replay of an old interview by Tyler Perry, which motivated him after seeing it.

“This achievement has been in the works since the inception of the idea of the concept for a TV show,” he says. “When my brand started to venture into television, my first goal was to get acquired by a network for licensing of my content, but it wasn’t until I saw a replay of an old interview by Tyler Perry stressing the fact of the importance of having ownership of our content and brand that I began to think and ask myself: ‘Do I really own my content fully to create leverage?’”

Jordan will leverage this acquisition in achieving his career objectives of not just impacting the lives of many young people positively, empowering men and women on understanding the power they possess in their relationships, and enriching them to overcome brokenness, but also impacting the future generations.

“This was a very pivotal milestone achieved. The reason being is because of the leverage that it creates long-term from a generational perspective. The decisions and sacrifices made over time create opportunities in the future for my daughter and future children. So this milestone means so much more to me than the present,” he says.

Aaron Jordan Jr. is a Nashville media personality, author, and relationship coach who was named “Making Headline News Man of The Year” for 2020 & 2021.

For more information about Cafe Conversations with Mr. Know Your Worth and Aaron’s recent acquisition of the show, visit AaronJordanJr.com

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