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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

ABC Ventures Salutes the Late Shirley Chisholm For Over 30 Years of Service as the National Spokesperson of America’s Black Colleges

Shirley Chisholm

Nationwide — In addition to Education, Health, Wellness and the Environment are major concerns because of the many health disparities in Black America. Black America suffers from high disparities in the affliction and treatment of hypertension, diabetes, asthma and stroke. The higher rates have been attributed to a lack of medical education and access to care. As a tribute to Mrs. Shirley Chisholm, Park Walk America has been launched as an information portal that provides key health, fitness, nutritional and background information from leading publications, web sites and industry leaders such as Healthline, Everyday Health and WebMD. This important and valuable portal will be continually fed with the latest available news, events impacting health, fitness, wellness and environmental stewardship. Park Walk America is being built as a national network of forward-thinking American cities seeking solutions to the many health disparities facing America.

Baltimore, Maryland has been chosen as the pilot city in a national network of Park Walk cities. Due to unsteadiness in the economy, Park Walk Baltimore (pdf) will launch on Earth Day 2023. The success of Park Walk Baltimore will be driven by the vested interests of the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Using the American Express marketing model of reaching people where they live, work, play and pray.

The objective is to have companies and organizations partner with us to insure every business and community promote the Park Walk approach to their employees, their customers, their neighbors and their friends. The public sector will benefit by providing action items that can improve the quality of life for its residents and better utilize their facilities and resources. Businesses can better serve their employees and communities by enhancing their social responsibility and developing a new channel of distribution. The nonprofit community can have marketing tools available to support the missions they serve, particularly community development.

The Park Walk America Network platforms are similar to the American Express Card merchant membership. Each business and organizational membership includes turnkey management, a business plan, links to the Park Walk America web site for local or national promotion. Each Park Walk America city will have a unique online shopping platform that will generate cause marketing funding from local and national advertisers. For consistency, the revenue generated from online sales will be allocated to the host city. Local and National Memberships are available for testing. Each Park Walk America site membership will have a funding arrangement to support their local parks.

Our Build It and They Will Come approach is strategic and timely considering the higher awareness people now have following the continuing worldwide concern regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing health disparities facing urban America. Companies choosing to participate by March 1, 2023 can receive special pricing for a dual Educate Black America and Park Walk America Network membership (pdf). For details, contact them at mindsandmoney@usa.net with network membership on the subject line.

About ABC Ventures, Inc.
ABC Ventures, Inc. is a Maryland based social enterprise whose mission is to leverage corporate resources and development into significant support for meaningful social change in America. Over 50 years ago, Alvin J. Lee, President and CEO of ABC Ventures, Inc., conceptualized the business while an MBA student at the Wharton School in the aftermath of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

About America’s Black Colleges
The business name for the business changed over time to America’s Black Collegians to be able to support the total overall numbers of Black college students which approached $1.5 million when Black students at predominantly White colleges and students were included. A second name change was made to Educate Black America when the education provider base was expanded to include distance learning, professional development and post-secondary education. The goal was to support higher education through every channel possible.

For press inquiries, contact Alvin J. Lee at mindsandmoney@usa.net/ 410-841-8502