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Friday, June 18, 2021

Black-Owned Business Grows Rapidly By Creating a Black Wall Street Online

Black women shopping

NationwideAbundant Life Network, a 7-month old Black-owned e-commerce shopping mall, is becoming the fastest growing online shopping platform due to the company’s brilliant idea to reach out to Black people nationwide offering them an opportunity to open their own online store without any upfront investment or hidden fees. This incredible idea, according to Raven L. Mahdee, a founding member, is the brainchild of Xavior James and Stacy Sims-Lynum, the owners of Abundant Life Network.

The concept for an online Black Wall Street came about during the rise of COVID-19 in 2020 which caused millions of people financial disaster, especially Black people. So James and Lynum had a platform built with thousands of identical stores complete with first class products and opened the doors for Black people to have their own store totally free and promote their store to family, friends, and colleagues making a very nice income in the process.

The response from Black people and gratitude they have shown and appreciation in running their own online store has been nothing short of remarkable says Mahdee. Mahdee says Black people from all walks of life from blue-collar, professionals, teens, and senior citizens are cashing in on the 5 trillion dollar e-commerce industry!

The pride by Black people already in the business is amazing because most are aware of Black towns like Tulsa, Rosewood, Atlanta, and other towns where Black people became wealthy as business owners in a strong unified group which is what Abundant Life Network is doing with Black Wall Street 2.0 online.

Besides not having to pay an investment fee, store owners are not burdened with stocking products to sell or taking on the task of shipping products to the company because the parent company handles both of those time-consuming tasks.

Mahdee said in closing, there is currently no desire to have a set limit on how many stores will be offered free of charged but stated, the company is growing so fast, and grabbing a store would be a wise move in the five trillion-dollar e-commerce industry!

For more information and/or to get your own store, visit ShopandEarn.us and click on the “become an affiliate” link to get your store up and running. When the REFERRED by sign shows, type Raven Mahdee.

For press inquiries, contact Raven Mahdee at 661-371-1677 or buildloot@gmail.com