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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Abuse Survivor Jillian Bullock Directs Upcoming Film “A Cup Full of Crazy” About Mental Health, Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Draws interest from Vivica A. Fox, Billy Blanks, and Ashlee Evans-Smith

A Cup Full of Truth

Philadelphia, PA — Award-winning filmmaker Jillian Bullock begins pre-production on her new psychological thriller, A Cup Full of Crazy which focuses on mental health issues, through the story’s main protagonist portrayed by actor/model Jacinth Headlam.

According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA), 19.00% of adults are experiencing a mental illness, equivalent to over 47 million Americans. Even before COVID-19, the prevalence of mental illness among adults was increasing.

A Cup Full of Crazy, which Bullock also wrote and is slated for production in June, delves deep into the mental health subject matter. Lead character Angela, a former MMA fighter and award-winning screenwriter suffers a nervous breakdown and struggles with depression as a result. While seeing a therapist she begins her road to recovery. However, while working on a script about a serial killer (played by Manny Mertis), life begins to mimic art.

Bullock garnered inspiration for A Cup Full of Crazy, from having dealt with mental issues of her own. Bullock’s former years were a deluge of abuse and trauma, from being raped at the age of ten, and homeless at fifteen, where she was forced into a world of drugs and prostitution to survive. After years of enduring such disturbing experiences, Bullock was able to attend therapy where she was diagnosed with PTSD and depression.

The path toward healing for Bullock came through therapy, yoga, meditation, mixed martial arts, and boxing. As a result, A Cup Full of Crazy incorporates mixed martial arts, boxing, and fitness into the storyline as a way for the lead character to heal. The MMA and boxing element has attracted several professional athletes who have been cast in the movie, including UFC flyweight/bantamweight Ashlee Evans-Smith; martial arts champion Billy Blanks, creator of Tae Bo; six-time vegan competitive bodybuilder winner Torre Washington; and 5th-degree Taekwondo black belt competitor Donavan Barrett.

Bullock launched an Indiegogo campaign to assist in securing A-list actors Michael Beach and Vivica A. Fox for the project and to bring more awareness to mental health. Some of the Indiegogo support perks include executive and associate producer titles, movie extras, or even be featured in a scene with Billy Blanks. For complete Indiegogo details for A Cup Full of Crazy film campaign, visit: Indiegogo.com/projects/a-cup-full-of-crazy–3/x/24790454#

Jillian Bullock is an award-winning writer, producer, director, actor, and CEO/President of Jillian Bullock Enterprises, LLC, an entertainment and film production company based in Pennsylvania.

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