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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

This Academy, Started By a Former Police Officer, Trains Black Teens How to Stay Alive

Orrin Hudson, founder of Be Someone

Nationwide — Orrin C. Hudson, who worked as an Alabama State Trooper for 7 years, is now the founder of a non-profit academy called Be Someone. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the academy has recently established a new priority of training Black boys and teens and helping them to navigate the complexities of life. The school will also prioritize training young Black men on how to stay alive during police interactions.

Orrin’s formula – using the chessboard – teaches that for every move that is made, whether it is playing the game or living as a contributing citizen, there is a corresponding positive or negative consequence.

When he is not teaching classes in person in Atlanta or online, he is traveling across the United States successfully providing his unique, exciting, and engaging curriculum to thousands of young people. To date, he has taught more than 55,000 people.

For his remarkable work, Orrin has been featured on Good Morning America, the CBS Early Morning Show, CNN, FOX & Friends, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, and more. His academy has also been recognized by USA Today, Essence Magazine, Sports Illustrated for Teens, Jet, Black Enterprise, People, and Time Magazine for Kids.

How to make a donation:
The academy has a GoFundMe page where donations are being accepted.

For press inquiries, contact info@besomeone.org or 770-465-6445