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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

8th Grader Black Teen From Wisconsin Saves School Bus From Crashing After Driver Passes Out

Acie Holland

Nationwide — Acie Holland III, an eighth-grader from Glen Hills Middle School in Glendale, Wisconsin, became a local hero when he took control of his school bus after the driver lost consciousness. His quick actions averted a potential disaster and ensured the safety of himself and his fellow students.

According to CNN, Acie boarded the bus for his ride home and everything seemed normal. The driver chatted with students and then put on her headphones. But suddenly, things changed.

Holland, sitting near the middle of the bus, noticed the driver appeared unwell. He sensed trouble when she missed a turn and continued accelerating.

He walked up to the driver, who apparently lost consciousness, and saw the bus heading into oncoming traffic. Without hesitation, Acie applied the brakes and steered the bus to safety.

Once the bus was safely parked, Acie dialed 911 and alerted his grandmother, a nurse assistant. He also guided his fellow students to contact their families.

“I wasn’t really scared, I was just trying to get the bus to stop,” he said.

Acie’s quick thinking saved the day, and his school community couldn’t be prouder. Principal Anna Young praised Acie’s “compassion and leadership,” which shined brightly during this unexpected moment.

After the incident, the driver regained consciousness and sought medical care. The bus company sent a replacement driver to send the students home safely.

Holland’s parents expressed immense pride and relief. His father, Acie Holland II, initially couldn’t believe the story. But Acie’s actions didn’t surprise him.

“He’s always been a person where he’s real quick on his feet. That’s one of my things that I know he’s capable of, not on the school bus, but just in general, being able to help someone in need,” Holland’s father said. “But I am proud of what he did.”

Acie, who dreams of owning a barber or mechanic shop one day, has been comfortable with handling vehicles and it likely played a role. Since he was young, he’s been learning from his father, a certified auto technician.

Moreover, Acie’s bravery didn’t go unnoticed. The local community honored him at a school board meeting with a proclamation from the mayor and city council. Even the Glendale Police Department and Milwaukee Fire Department lauded his courageous response.