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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

“Act Like a Lady, Think Like A… Wife” — New Kindle Novel Brings a Romantic Twist and Dramedy

— When a Man Finds a Wife, He Finds a Good Thing —

Act Like A Lady, Think Like a Wife

Burbank, CA — With healthy relationships declining every day, author Stephanie D. Singleton brings a new concept and perspective for empowering women and self-love by adding a twist to Steve Harvey’s New York Times Best Seller Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.

Stephanie introduces a thought provoking, seductive, suspenseful, heart shattering and sometimes funny fictional story titled, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Wife: When a Man Finds a Wife, He Finds a Good Thing. When combining romance, comedy & drama together, this page turner is categorized in a genre of its own, creatively being labeled as a “Dramedy.”

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Wife is about a young and classy college professor Mya Evans. After a bitter divorced from her egotistical husband, Preston Evans. Mya tries to give up on love, but soon meets a man who would persuade her into a lustful relationship — which in turn causes more heartache when tragedy strikes and suddenly changes her life forever. While life may be offer her a second chance to live – will life offer Mya a second chance at love?

“While most women desire love within a relationship, it’s unfortunate that many compromise their self-worth to have it or keep it. Only to learn the hard way, love begins within themselves. In that respect, I’ve come in agreeance with Mr. Harvey’s mentoring when emphasizing on how ones thinking can affect whatever is desired. In this emotion filled story my main character Mya, journey’s readers through her captivating life and struggles she’ll be forced to confront before changing her mindset to Act Like A Lady and Think Like A Wife. Because as many know; When a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing,” says Stephanie.

WATCH THE BOOK TRAILER at https://youtu.be/aXWmwEXtYzk


About the Author
Stephanie Danine Singleton is an Akron, Ohio native. She has been fortunate to have shared her passions as an author, playwright and hairstylist on both East & West Coast. Her compassion for books that motivate and empower was Stephanie’s inspiration for writing this compelling story – and making her directorial debut with a short film that she also wrote and produced for the book. Her most recent accomplishment was authoring her first children’s story book titled The Adventures of Ryan & Riley and Mr. Teddy Bear, which have been translated in both the English and Spanish language. When not being creative, Stephanie enjoys exploring the world and spending time with her family and close friends.

For additional information about Stephanie visit www.amazon.com/author/stepdsingleton where readers can also download Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Wife for only 99¢. Paperback version is also available. Also, fans can support the book on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/ThinkLikeAWife


Stephanie Singleton

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