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Monday, July 10, 2023

Black Author Releases Safe Touch Children’s Book, “Don’t Touch My No No Parts” with Accompanying Jingle, Animation, and Affirmations

Adrienne Alexander

Nationwide — Knowing the importance of introducing younger children to good touch, bad touch, and boundary conversations at a young age, author and entertainment publicist Adrienne Alexander has released her latest children’s book entitled Don’t Touch My No No Parts!

Complete with individual and group safe touch affirmations and an original animated jingle, Don’t Touch My No-No Parts!, uses kid-friendly language and illustrations to help parents and concerned adults begin the conversation surrounding potential abuse and guide children to recognize and better understand possible abuse when it happens.

Adrienne comments, “This moment is surreal to me but at the same time. I know it’s bigger than me. Stories like the one in my hometown of MD, where more than 150 priests and others associated with the Archdiocese of Baltimore were accused of sexually abusing more than 600 children. Or the situation with the Dali Lama, I want to be the voice for children I didn’t have when sexual abuse happened to me.”

In his statement for the March 2023 White House Proclamation, President Joe Biden says, “Freedom from sexual assault is a basic human right. Yet, tens of millions of Americans, our family and friends, colleagues, neighbors, and classmates, carry the trauma of sexual assault with them.”

Research shows that children who disclose their abuse within one month are at a reduced risk for depression. In addition, if children can talk about their abuse, they are less likely to suffer from depression later in life. “Don’t Touch My No-No Parts!” was written to help children recognize and set healthy boundaries for their private area while helping guide the sometimes-awkward conversation surrounding abuse with parents, counselors, and educators.

Because boys and girls are equally at risk of sexual abuse, Don’t Touch My No No Parts! was printed from both the female and male perspectives and will be available in both English and Spanish versions.

Don’t Touch My No No Parts! is currently available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon, with additional retailers being added.

Be sure to check out the official “Don’t Touch My No No Parts!” jingle in English and in Spanish.

Visit DontTouchMyNoNoParts.com to learn more about the movement and purchase a book copy.

About the author
Adrienne has worked in Public Relations since 2003, focusing on entertainment and sports industries while assisting clients, both large and small, in sectors as varied as non-profits and startup business owners to publishing and spiritual ministries. In addition to her passion for Public Relations, her passion for creating a lane for difficult conversations with children is a close second. In sum, Adrienne is a versatile public relations consultant who loves what she does because of the satisfaction she gets from impacting lives in significant ways. She goes above and beyond for her clients and will accept nothing less than greatness regarding their success.

For press inquiries or media interviews, contact adrienne@theipyagency.com or 404-734-9297.

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