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Monday, July 30, 2018

Adult Coloring Book Highlights the Beauty of Black Female Entrepreneurs

Makes History as the First Book of It’s Kind!

Coloring book for Black women entrepreneurs

Coloring book for Black women entrepreneurs created by Latoya Nicole

Raleigh, NC — North Carolina mover and shaker Latoya Nicole is a mental health professional, entrepreneur, and the brains behind 24 Shades of Business: A Coloring Book for the Black Entrepreneur’s Soul as quoted in Curly Nikki. The book features images of beautiful, boss women who are bloggers, doctors, makeup artists, teachers, yoga instructors, etc.

It also contains mazes and motivational quotes. Since the book’s release it has been a number one new release, an Amazon best seller and has just reached a major milestone of being stocked in Barnes & Noble bookstores! The book is great therapy for Black women, especially entrepreneurs!

When asked how coloring is therapeutic, Latoya replied, “Coloring allows us to switch our brains off from other thoughts and focus and concentrate only on the moment which can help decrease stress.”

She continued, “The time and focus that adult coloring takes can help remove the focus from the negative issues and habits and focus them in a more productive way. When we are thinking about which color to choose and when we are applying crayon or colored pencil to paper, we are also working on problem solving which is a quality that all entrepreneurs need. Who knew all of this was involved from the simple act of coloring and bringing a picture to life? Even now, many psychologists suggest coloring to patients as a means of relaxation, and as a calming tool. Sometimes, especially as entrepreneurs we just need to unwind, unplug and refocus.”

24 Shades of Business is available for purchase on Amazon.


About Latoya Nicole:
Latoya Nicole is an author and entrepreneur and she is also a native of Raleigh, NC. She currently holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling/Psychology. Being passionate about uplifting other female entrepreneurs she wanted to also empower other African American women by creating something they could relate to when coloring! She also helps boss women start and run their own online businesses. Learn more at www.iamlatoyanicole.com


Latoya Nicole