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Monday, February 1, 2021

Africa United Project to Enable You to Go Anywhere on the African Continent Without a Visa

African continent map

Nationwide — Almost all people groups in America have another country or destination they can travel to and call home. However, we African Americans are not sure whether to call Africa home. When we try to call Africa home, we suddenly realize we are defective in that claim because we cannot call a place where we seek permission (visa) to enter, home. The time has come to change that condition, and the Africa United Project is leading the front. This not-for-profit organization is leveraging its contacts on the continent to make it possible for African Americans to travel anywhere on the continent of Africa without a visa.

African Americans have continued to apply for, and wait for approved visas to go to Africa; our ancestral home and we say once and for all that, the status quo is unfair and untenable. It is unfair to Africa as a continent and to Africans as a people and to the descendants of Africans (such as African Americans) as a consequence. Fees paid by African descents for visas to travel to Africa does not benefit the continent or the countries that collect them because they remain largely in the countries in which they were paid. Imagine the economic activity that could be generated on the African continent during the two weeks waiting to receive a visa.

Africa United project as an organization has begun to take this issue up with African leaders and is poised to solve this wrong once and for all. Could you imagine how beneficial to us and Africa it will be if we are able to travel to Africa without any restrictions? At least, no one will take us for granted.

Africa United project’s solutions to the issue are strong and winning positions. They are honest positions that African leaders in good conscience are unable to dismiss. After more than 400 years, the time is ripe to have full access to our ancestral home.

A place can only be called home when one has unrestricted access. Join Africa United project to make Africa your home too. Show your support by registering on their website at AfricaUnitedProject.org or AfricaUnitedProject.net

Registration is free.

For press inquiries, contact join@africaunitedproject.net