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Thursday, February 5, 2015

“African American Family Headed for Extinction,” Says One of the Nation’s Top Counselors

Dr. Steven Davidson

Dr. Steven Davidson

Nationwide — African Americans represent 14% in the nation. They are a growing 38% of the prison system. More than half of the African American males do not graduate from high school. Nearly 80% of those below the poverty level abandon their children. While the rate of African American women having children is in decline, 71% of children are in families headed by a single parent. There are more children born out of wedlock than to wedded couples. According to Dr. Steven DavidSon, one of the nation’s leading counselors, says these and other similar statistics present a dire picture of the African American family for the future.

“Our sisters and daughters struggle to find acceptable mates. Too many of our young men are unemployable and in the pipeline to prison. Single mothers are courageous, but they didn’t conceive themselves. Fifty years after Civil and Voting Rights legislation the evidence indicates we are more homicidal, sociopathic and psychopathic than ever.” When confronted with the African American’s history of abuse in the nation, Dr. DavidSon is revealing. “I was a proponent of that until I did the research. No way! If the broken family was in the 20% range 50 years ago, how can we be in the 70% range today with all of the advances. School is free, and we won’t go. Something different is at work.”

DavidSon alludes to Hispanics and others who come from under-developed nations with families intact generally and a distinguishable work ethic. “What is clear is the level of denial, projection and blame on others, and marginalizing the serious nature of our condition. These will never allow us to heal. There was a time when cancer was unspeakable, and what about AIDS? These are well publicized and confronted illnesses. Public issues must be confronted publicly.”

Dr. DavidSon desires to avoid the talking-head type. “The time for mere talk and 1960’s approaches is not our perspective. Consider 70% of broken African American families with black males absorbing violent and vile music daily. More than 50% do not graduate from high school. They are not employable. Many replicate the condition producing an ever-increasing pipeline of humanity to crime and prison. This is why the African American father-less home and prison rates keep soaring. Their condition is also fertile for potential terrorists. Now, you can understand in-part why local police departments — as witnessed — in Ferguson are equipped with military hardware. We know the root cause. Both history and truth reveals what’s necessary.”

Dr. DavidSon developed a national crisis fact-sheet, and framework to address the challenge. A Return To Him town hall will be held at the New Beginnings Church in Lewisville, Texas the last Wednesday in February. Dr. DavidSon’s national ministry also has a web site to support the initiative with the National Crisis fact sheet, and numerous resources. “Let’s face the facts, and let’s employ what made it possible to survive through slavery, Jim Crow and unabated discrimination. It’s our only hope.”

One of the nation’s top writers on contemporary Christian issues, Dr. Steven B. DavidSon is author of the Christ-based Series, and founder of an organization devoted to Christian counseling and education (A3CEES).

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