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Monday, May 11, 2015

New African American Holistic Practice “Ka-Maat” Teaches the Power of Positive Thinking and Healthy Lifestyle

Sean XLG Mitchell

Sean XLG Mitchell, pictured with actor Reno Wilson (C) and manager/wife Clarissa

Nationwide — There is a new holistic practice for African Americans called “Ka-Maat”. The word Ka (pronounced Kah) is of Egyptian origin and means the vital energy that creates and sustains life, and Maat, also of Egyptian origin, means truth, justice and rightness. As a non-religious practice, Ka-Maat teaches the power of positive thinking and emphasizes living a healthy lifestyle with a cultural base of African history and tradition as the foundation of the practice.

Based on the book Introduction to Ka-Maat by Sean XLG Mitchell, exercising the practice entails maintaining a healthy lifestyle to include proper eating and sleep habits, daily exercise, meditation, and performing acts of charity. The book reveals incredible true accounts of how positive thinking can impact and assist with healing the body, reversing signs of aging, and attaining wealth, just to name a few.

Sean XLG states, “What I set out to accomplish is to create a new and healthier way of life for African Americans that is grounded in cultural traditions and historical values for us as a people and the ultimate goal is to empower our community.” As a holistic way of life, emphasis is placed on individual growth and the collective development of the black community. The practice is designed to address the many social ills that disproportionately affect Black America from drugs, poverty and crime to unemployment, illiteracy, and imprisonment, along with health issues such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

The book touches on the richness of African and African American history and references the works of some of our brightest scholars from Chiekh Anta Diop and John Henrik Clarke to Civil Rights leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.


About The Author:
Sean XLG Mitchell is the ultimate Hip Hop Scholar, artist and activist. Sean has worked extensively in the African American community, organizing and leading community based study groups, volunteering in schools, as well as a youth mentor. Sean is the author of Hip Hop Hooray: Celebrating 30 Years of Rap Music.

About The Book:
Introduction to Ka-Maat: A Spiritual Practice for African Americans and People of African Descent by Sean XLG Mitchell is available on Amazon.com. (ISBN-10: 1502831163)


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