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Monday, April 11, 2016

More Than 25 African American E-Books Available Now For Just 99 Cents Each — But Only For One Day!

99 Cent Ebook Sale

Books available at www.UrbanEbooks.com

NationwideUrbanEbooks.com, which has published more than 25 different educational and empowering African American books, has announced today that all of their books are available for just $0.99 but only for one day! The books are normally priced at $2.99.

The unique publishing company has completely changed the publishing game with their titles, their pricing and their independent style of selling books.

Dante Lee, founder of the company, comments, “Within just two months, we have sold thousands of e-books in a way that no one else has ever done before. To celebrate this accomplishment, we are offering all of our books for just 99 cents during an exclusive one-day sale.”

Lee, who is also the founder of BlackNews.com and BlackPR.com, says he created the site because he wanted to give the term “urban ebooks” a new definition – not just a term that describes street fiction. He comments, “Our urban ebooks are a bit different; They are 100% educational and empowering. We have decided to only create and publish books that add value of some sort to people’s lives.”

In Lee’s latest book, entitled Black Author Secrets, he teaches other Black authors how he is able to generate $2,500 or more in revenue every month from book sales. He says the book is the first ever African American guide to selling more books!

For more information about Urban Ebooks and/or to take advantage of the $.99 cent sale, visit www.UrbanEbooks.com


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