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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Some Unemployed African Americans At Fault For Not Applying For Job Opportunities

The founder and CEO of BlackJobs.com says that he is working with more than 500 employers nationwide that are genuinely looking to hire more African Americans, but many are not applying for the jobs!

Unemployed African American man looking for a job

Nationwide — The national Black unemployment rate is as high as 15% according to Forbes compared to just 11% for the rest of the nation. However, according to Dante Lee, founder and CEO of the company that produces BlackJobs.com, many African Americans remain unemployed because they are simply not applying for jobs and are missing out on lucrative job opportunities with Fortune 500 and other reputable companies.

Lee’s platform, BlackJobs.com, is a very popular and reputable online job board that connects employers dedicated to diversity hiring with qualified African American candidates nationwide, but Lee says that many African Americans are simply not applying for the jobs.

“I am currently working with more than 500 employers across the country. All of them are actively hiring and all of them want to be more inclusive in their hiring,” Lee says.

“However,” he continues, “one thing that I can confirm for sure is that many unemployed African Americans are simply not applying for the jobs. Others are not following basic instructions such as including cover letters. These are the biggest complaints that we get from our employers.”

The average job on BlackJobs.com has an annual pay of $55,000 to $75,000 or more, but and some pay six figures and have benefits with incentive packages. The web site lists mostly corporate-level positions working for well-known brands such as Amazon, Krispy Kreme, Tommy Bahama, Cascade AIDS Project, Albourne America, DocuSign, Coca-Cola, Ovia Health, European Wax Center, NetApp, ArborMetrix, Church Mutual, Quartet Health, Goose Island Beer Company, WordPress VIP, Ergobaby, ChatBooks, ViacomCBS, and hundreds more.

The web site also lists lucrative job opportunities working for city and state governments around the country, non-profit organizations such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Bezos Family Foundation, and Doctors Without Borders, and even prestigious universities such as Stanford University and MIT.

“These employers are genuinely interested in hiring more African Americans, but we are not fully taking advantage of the opportunities,” Lee says. “I’ve been quiet long enough about this. Now, I’m speaking up.”

How to get started

Those interested in receiving free job alerts can easily sign up here within 10 seconds to pair their LinkedIn account. Another option is to just browse the job opportunities listed by visiting the BlackJobs.com directly. The site is 100% free to use for job seekers.


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