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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Proven Secrets to Growing African Textured Hair Long

African Hair Growth Secrets


New York, NY — Some would say that there are no secrets to growing hair, but is this true or false? In terms of science, could there be non-medicated natural substances and practices that really influence long hair growth? Fortunately for those that are trying to naturally grow their hair long, scientific research proves that there are methods and substances that can assist in the growth of hair.

In M. Feaster-Ever’s new book African Hair Growth Secrets, she focuses on Black haircare and addresses the hair deficiencies of textured hair. In her book, she writes, “The hairstylists inform that many times the request for weaves are by those with shorter lengths of hair which usually are the textured Black hair clients.” She presents reasoning and remedy for the short hair issues, of textured women, with actual hair growth studies. She points out effective substances and practices that promote growth and retain textured hair. Most importantly, she provides readers with step-by-step “how to” instructions on applying natural growth substances on the hair. This book is guaranteed to present new discoveries that have been proven to benefit natural kinky hair.

The author explains that she wrote African Hair Growth Secrets to promote awareness of what causes damage and promotes strength in Black hair. She informs that there are so many false claims about what makes Black hair strong without any supportive studies. In hopes of bringing the truth to light and demolishing myths, the author provides over 100 references including studies and testing in support of the haircare recommendations as written in the book.

African Hair Growth Secrets is a do-it-yourself textured haircare guide and a must have for Black women. The book presents practices that involve ancient African hair care secrets, scientific discoveries and contemporary hair care methods for naturally textured hair. The haircare practices are discussed with suggestions on how to resolve African hair issues towards long hair growth.

The book is endorsed by FashionHairExpo.com and is now available in paperback and digital form online. African Hair Growth Secrets can be found online at Amazon.com as a paperback and e-book. For in-person purchase, the book will be available in stores by February 1, 2015.

About the Author
Ms. M. Feaster-Ever is a Cosmetology Researcher and Specialist of human hair. She has an extensive background in Black haircare. She is the owner of a Beauty Supply distribution chain for Salons. Ms. Feaster-Ever travels worldwide as a hair researcher in connection with FashionHairExpo.com.

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FashionHairExpo.com is a human hair extensions supply company based in Long Island, New York, providing custom-made imported human hair extensions at affordable prices. In addition, FashionHairExpo.com assists cosmetologists with the supply of human hair products; and the company offers delivery of the newest hair extensions techniques with in-person and online class workshops. For additional information, please visit www.fashionhairexpo.com.

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