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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Afro Unicorn Founder, April Showers, and Anthony Hamilton Discuss How to Use Instagram to Transform Your Brand into a Powerful Movement

Anthony Hamilton interviews April Showers, Founder of Afro Unicorn, who organically grew her brand on Instagram to 10,000 followers and generated $100,000 in sales within the first year.

Anthony Hamilton and April Showers

Nationwide — Afro Unicorn is a brand that empowers Black women and young black girls to embrace who they are – unique, divine, and magical. Founder, April Showers’ social media growth hacking formula for her Afro Unicorn brand has propelled her business into what many believe to be an overnight success. In a recent interview with R&B singer Anthony Hamilton, she explains her ‘why’ behind Afro Unicorn.

“There are a lot of unicorns like me. There are women with multiple businesses and raising their kids so I started using the unicorn emoji a lot, but it bothered me because none of them looked like me,” Showers says. “I wanted to see how I could tie in women empowerment with the different shades of unicorns. I wanted to create something that says, you can. You can step out and not just be pigeonholed into one area.”

Through the Afro Unicorn brand, Showers encourages aspiring, new, and established black women entrepreneurs to be passionate, purposeful, and strategic within their journey of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, she shares her wealth of knowledge so they can also successfully generate multiple streams of income. Afro Unicorn has evolved from a brand to a movement because of its powerful messaging and a grassroots social media strategy that consists of socializing with followers, championing other businesses, and thanking customers.

Throughout the interview, Showers provides viewers with tips about how to engage with potential customers and get influencers and celebrities to promote for free on Instagram. She reinforces the notion that social media is a space to not just be seen but to also be social. “I could not do it without these women [unicorns] around me,” she states. “Bring people in. Don’t be afraid to give your product out. Take a picture. Talk about them. Post them. That’s how I started.”

Viewers should come prepared to take notes because Hamilton and Showers go into detail about how to grow your business on Instagram organically – a struggle for many small business owners. Afro Unicorn apparel has been worn and promoted by celebrities such as Tiffany Haddish, Alicia Keys, and Sherri Shepard. She doesn’t pay influencers or celebrities to advertise Afro Unicorn products. Showers has successfully mastered a no-cost marketing strategy and teaches black women entrepreneurs how to effectively promote their business as well as get influencers to advertise their products using organic marketing tactics. She provides all her secret strategies in her new eBook Influencer Marketing On Instagram: How To Get Influencers On Instagram To Promote Your Brand For Free In Three Steps Or Less.

This is an interactive case study style interview that provides insight on how to transform your brand into a powerful movement in a social media driven world.

To watch the full Instagram Live interview between Anthony Hamilton and April Showers, visit:

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Afro Unicorn is a conscious brand that uplifts and positively impacts Black women. Afro Unicorn serves as a powerful representation of the beauty and uniqueness of vanilla, caramel, and mocha complexions. From clothing and accessories to educational resources, Afro Unicorn provides women with the confidence they need to embrace who they are – unique, divine, and magical. Learn more at AfroUnicorns.com or follow the brand on Instagram @afrounicorn_official

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