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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

AfroGanix Champions the Reemergence of Black Wall Street with the Launch of Its Mobile Marketplace

— Minority Business Owners Sought for Robust Mobile Marketplace —


Tampa, FL — For decades, communities across the U.S. have tried to replicate the pocket of prosperity in Tulsa, Oklahoma once known as Black Wall Street. Today, AfroGanix, LLC is unveiling its plan to resurrect Black Wall Street online with the debut of a robust mobile marketplace for minority businesses, consumers, and communities.

AfroGanix is currently enlisting merchants across 200 categories of services and products. The marketplace offers them an opportunity to tap into a lead-rich environment in order to reach more customers and drive revenue.

“According to the Census Bureau, minority-owned businesses are growing at a rate that is three times faster than the population growth of minorities,” said Bolaji Ajike, founder of AfroGanix. “By creating more synergy among these enterprises and equipping them with tools and resources to increase visibility and sales at the local level, there’s tremendous potential to help the communities that they serve flourish economically, socially, and politically.”

AfroGanix aims to become the premier platform for purchasing from local minority businesses, including growers, distributors of organic foods, and suppliers of products and goods. Through the use of the marketplace’s website or mobile app, consumers can make purchases and opt for either pick up or delivery. AfroGanix’s relationships with local delivery and ride-share companies ensure fast and reliable service.

Consumers can also use the marketplace to access a wide range of service providers, including mechanics, repairmen, lawyers, and hair stylists, among others. All merchants and service providers are held to a high standard to ensure that consumers’ expectations of quality and customer service are met.

AfroGanix’s mission goes beyond commerce. Ms. Ajike hopes that the marketplace will help reintroduce and strengthen relationships between consumers and local minority business owners. She also hopes that as a result, there will be a greater reinvestment back into minority communities, stimulation of economic growth, job creation, and positive political changes.

Merchants who sign up to sell on AfroGanix before the marketplace’s official launch in April 2017 will receive three months of free access. For more information about AfroGanix, visit www.afroganix.co. To open a merchant account and discuss packages available for merchant profiles, contact Ms. Bolaji Ajike at info@afroganix.co.


Bolaji A. Ajike