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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Black Woman-Owned Startup Launches Innovative Product to Keep Your Hair “Natural, But Not Nappy”

Diana Alashee Pitts, CEO of Alashee Naturals

Diana Alashee Pitts, CEO of Alashee Naturals

Los Angeles, CA — Alashee Naturals, a Black woman-owned startup brand that produces innovative natural hair care products, is pleased to announce the launch of the Natural, But Not Nappy Alashee Good Hair System – the latest addition to their new science and technology based selections of hair, skin and beauty care products. Diana Alashee Pitts, CEO and President of the company, says that it takes a Black woman to truly understand the hair needs of other Black women.

She comments, “What sets our new Alashee Good Hair System apart from all other hair care products is it’s revolutionary new way of conditioning natural, relaxed or difficult to manage hair or braids simply by using two gentle, specially formulated natural hair conditioners – applied one after the other to create a double coating of protection to block naps and kinks and to detangle hair.”

This is the first system of it’s kind to approach hair conditioning from this angle, and the 4 item system consists of Ultra Gentle Shampoo, double silky hair conditioners and a silky moisturizing chamomile gloss sealant. The new Alashee Good Hair System is designed to give women their softest, silkest, easiest to manage hair ever, and even to be totally natural – but totally NOT Nappy. The conditioning effects are temporary and are simply shampooed out. There is no more need to worry about lines of demarcation because women won’t need to relax or perm while using the system but is safe to use if you have a relaxer or perm or color on your hair and electric straightening combs, curling and flat irons are ok to use.

According their web site, getting this right became a passion and the company took a “no holds barred” approach to the science and R&D aspects of the project and not a moment too soon to give black women everywhere a much needed break from braids and other people’s hair.

So for a limited time only, the complete system is FREE with free shipping as part of their Special Introductory Promotion Celebration thru September 15, 2018, while supplies last so that as many people as possible can test the system, and then buy it.

For more details and/or to purchase the Natural, But Not Nappy Alashee Good Hair System, visit www.NaturalButNotNappy.com


Diann Pitts