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Friday, September 4, 2020

Black Woman Develops Networking App That Pays You to Connect With People Just Like You

Aleeta Bell, founder and CEO of Pluhg

Nationwide — Three years ago, Atlanta-based startup Pluhg, a tech company founded by entrepreneur Aleeta Bell, announced its pre-launch. Today, Pluhg continues to thrive as an innovative mobile app that allows its users to connect with friends and associates without revealing their personal contact information. Even more, users get paid for every professional connection they make.

Aleeta comments, “We all have valuable connections, why not get paid for them? My app is transforming the way we meet new people.”

She has spent almost 6 years developing Pluhg as a trusted networking app. The concept was originated with her desire to connect people she knew who did not know each other while protecting the personal contact data of all parties. Thus, her technology enables individuals to release their contact data at his/her discretion.

Pluhg offers three key benefits:

1) Profit: The ability to make money for every personal recommendation made. (This video explains more!)

2) Privacy: The ability to make personal recommendations between people who do not know each other without sharing their personal contact data.

3) Trust: The users themselves are the trusted connection between people who do not know each other.

Imagine you are looking for a job, mentor, customers for your business, attendees for an event, advise, hang out buddy for a trip you are about to go on, or a contractor to renovate your home. You don’t know anyone; however, you have the ability to send out a request to your network asking for a connection to a person, or business that they know and trust – amazing!

Presently, Pluhg offers 3 connections types that its users can select from – Business Pluhg, Event Pluhg, and Social Pluhg.

The app is available for download at Pluhg.com. A challenge has been launched that will pay $50 to the first 10 people to satisfy the requirements of the challenge. The details of the challenge can be found here in this 2-minute video.


See how the app works. Watch the video on YouTube:


About the founder:
Aleeta Bell, creator of Pluhg, was instrumental in using her tech expertise to bring this ground-breaking platform to users. She is an alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University with over 25 years of IT experience, and a married mother of two living in the Atlanta, GA area.

For press inquiries, contact aleeta@pluhg.com