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Friday, March 24, 2017

Black Techie Develops New Innovative App That Allows Users to Connect to Friends and Associates in a Unique Way

Aleeta Bell, founder of Ximzee

Aleeta Bell, founder of Ximzee

Atlanta, GA — Atlanta-based startup Ximzee, a tech company founded by entrepreneur Aleeta Bell, announces the pre-launch of Pluhg – an innovative mobile app that allows its users to connect friends and associates without revealing their personal contact information. Even better, the app allows you to bridge two or more people in your circle together and transparently introduce people while being the “trusted connection”. Pluhg is a mobile app that is expected to transform the way we meet new people, and best of all it’s free to download.

Pluhg is the result of a 3 year effort on the part of Ximzee, to produce a dynamic platform that has a social, and user friendly “twist” to networking and making real connections.

Pluhg offers three key benefits:

#1 – The ease of “introducing” people without all of the complexities associated with sharing and exchanging their personal contact information.

#2 – The convenience of instantly connecting people without being in the middle of the communication – keep up with the progress of the connection by watching the updates in Pluhg

#3 – The security of getting to know someone before sharing your personal contact details such as phone number, email or mailing address.

Imagine moving to a new city, not knowing anyone and having the ability to pull out your phone and broadcast a message out to your network requesting to be “pluhg-ed” into a person or business locally that they know and TRUST- amazing!

Presently, Pluhg offers 4 connections types that it’s users can select from, Business Pluhg, Charity Pluhg, Social Pluhg and Match Pluhg.

The app is scheduled for Android and iOS launch in early April. Ximzee has already completed a private beta launch amongst a limited market and is quite pleased with the results and feedback provided. The company aims to bring a stable and user-friendly product to market so its users can focus on utilizing its great functions to connect people within their networks without any hiccups.

Aleeta Bell, creator of Pluhg, was instrumental in using her tech expertise to bring this ground-breaking platform to Android and Apple users. She is an alumni of Virginia Commonwealth University with over 20 years of IT experience, and a married mother of two living in the Atlanta, GA area. She can be reached at info@pluhg.com for any media inquiries.

For more information on Pluhg, visit them on the web at www.pluhg.com, on social media using the hashtags #plugh or #gopluhg.

See how the app works. Watch the video on YouTube:


Aleeta Bell