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Thursday, April 30, 2020

This Black Teen From NYC is Tutoring Thousands of Students Online

Alexis Loveraz, 16-year old Tiktok tutor

Nationwide — Alexis Loveraz, a 16-year old from New York City who is homeschooling like most other students during the coronavirus pandemic, has gone viral as he continues to tutor thousands of young TikTok users around the world.

Being a math whiz with a 4.0 average at Harlem Prep High School, Alexis was urged by his friends to post tips on algebra, geometry, and chemistry on the popular video-sharing platform TikTok.

Since he started doing that, he was immediately hailed as the “TikTok Tutor.” He now has around 650,000 followers and 5.4 million likes on TikTok.

“I was, like, really shocked,” Alexis told CBS 2 New York. “Things that they probably forgot like before COVID-19, this is like a refresher of what I’m, like, giving them out. It’s really cool because they understand it even better the way I’m explaining it to them.”

His followers are mostly students from the United States, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, and other countries who wanted to learn while quarantining in their homes. Some of the comments say, “How did you explain it better than my teacher?” and “You explain 1000x better than my math teacher!!!”

Alexis wanted to further upgrade his tutorials so he is adding Google Classrooms as well.

“I’m excited about this. I know he can do this and more. I’m so proud that he helped a lot of people,” his mother, Likmilian Hiciano, proudly said.

While Alexis isn’t making money yet from tutoring online, he is glad to still continue doing it. He said, “The knowledge I have, like I want to share it to other people.”

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