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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Black-Owned Herbal Product That Defeats Erectile Dysfunction Receives Favorable Reviews After Relaunching

African American couple using Alpha RX Plus

Nationwide — The creators of Alpha RX Plus, the popular all-natural herbal formula to defeat Erectile Dysfunction (ED), recently sent a survey out to their customers who purchased their products within the last two weeks.

JR Scroggins, the African American entrepreneur who founded the company, Live Natural, which markets and sells Alpha RX Plus, likes to make an effort to test the results their customers are experiencing with the product. He comments, “We send out surveys every six months to ask customers how they feel about our products and services, and we use their feedback on our websites so that potential customers can see how they product can help them too.”

He continues, “Any company can tell you what they think about their products, but it’s the end user who really knows the truth.”

Here is some of the feedback they received from their most recent customer survey:

“Alpha RX Plus is a savior to my sex life. I am able to take one tablet every five days and be able and ready on an as needed basis. The cost is a lot less than the other products which are good for one-time sex per dose. Being an all-natural remedy, I have no hesitations to continue using this product indefinitely. I’m 70-years old and can perform as I did in my 20’s. It’s just a great product.” — Ron

“I have been using the product for at least four years, and it works very well. I was really concerned when it wasn’t available last year, and I am glad it is back.” — Steve

To see more results from their survey, visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/stories/SM-QSSMT7B/

Scroggins says that those who are looking to try an over-the-counter product for erectile dysfunction should make sure to see some real information before they purchase. “There is a lot of junk and false advertisement in the market,” he adds. “I know by trial and error, and that helped lead me to get into the business.”

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JR Scroggins