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Friday, December 7, 2018

This Black-Owned Product Made 2018 a Very Active Year for Many Men Who Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction

Alpha RX Plus

Nationwide — The founder of Alpha RX Plus, the popular all-natural herbal formula to defeat Erectile Dysfunction (ED), is celebrating this year’s success with a newly designed website that is more reader-friendly, and informative. JR Scroggins, founder of the company Live Natural, which markets and sells Alpha RX Plus, mentions his company has redesigned their website to make it more consistent and reader friendly.

Scroggins comments, “We offer a lot of valuable information on our site, but as with any e-commerce site which repeats the same information throughout the site, may cause readers to turn away quickly, and in many cases the reader may miss the opportunity to learn helpful tips and information.”

He also mentions the use of feedback from customers who use products is very valuable, because the end user may have a story to tell about their usage or reason for trying a product, which directly relates to your story and needs.

Scroggins says he uses a lot of feedback on their redesigned site, much of it linked to surveys taken by Alpha RX Plus users. “All the feedback and surveys we use are submitted by our customers and reflect what many men might be suffering through,” he says. “Some potential customers might feel that because they have prostate issues, or other medical issues, our product might not work for them, but when they read feedback of individuals with similar medical issues who have found success with our product, they feel safer trying something new.”

What customers are saying:

“I had Prostate Cancer, and things changed with sex. Things didn’t work properly, but since I’ve tried Alpha Rx Plus, that changed in a week. My sex drive is back thanks to Alpha RX Plus, everything is okay!” — Jimmy W., Pennsylvania

“This stuff rocks! I’m a paraplegic and lost some feeling down below, but this stuff gives me an erection in the morning, afternoon and night! I orgasm easier and just feel youthful with it! If it can help a guy in my situation, I can just imagine a healthy guy. You guys can never go out of business! Please! Thank you and keep up the good work!” — Don, California

Scroggins says that men who to try an over-the-counter product for erectile dysfunction should make sure to read consumer reviews before they purchase. “There is a lot of junk and false advertisement in the market,” he says. “Several companies are attempting to borrow off the Alpha RX Plus name, with similar titles, but not similar results.”

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JR Scroggins