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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Black Author Aims to End Corporate Bullying With Her Children’s Representational Books

Alvarys Santana, author of children's books

Nationwide — Alvarys Santana, a corporate mid-level management leader, is also the founder and CEO of ASC Books, changing the educational landscape with her children’s books that focus on representation, equity, diversity, inclusion (REDI) and disability of Black, Brown, and Indigenous characters.

In today’s corporate environment, there is a huge push for business resource groups (BRGs). These groups are designed to help employees from underrepresented groups feel more welcome and supported in the workplace. However, Santana believes that BRGs are not enough. She believes that we need to start teaching DEI earlier that when entering the workforce, to children. This way they can grow up to be more inclusive adults. “Corporate bullies are real, that’s why I aim to teach children early about differences and how to respect and appreciate them.”

After moving from entry level to mid-level management, Alvarys started providing workshops to university students on nontraditional pathways into the corporate sector. She then branched out to high schools to provide similar services. With the recent changes in the educational laws, Santana wanted to help children learn about their lineages and the greatness that stems from their roots. She also wanted to counter the negativity that children often see in the media about their communities.

Santana’s books serve as windows for outsiders to learn about others, but they also serve as mirrors for children who do not see themselves represented in literature. This is incredibly impactful because it normalizes what a lot of minority children don’t think is “traditional”, which is themselves.

Alvarys has educational/motivational flashcards available and is also working on a series of books about personal creativity to combat the harmful effects of artificial intelligence. “Artificial intelligence can be a powerful tool, but your brain and your personal ideas are just as powerful, if not more so. Your brain is unique to you, and it is capable of generating creative and original thoughts that no AI algorithm can ever replicate.”

Her books are available on Amazon, Walmart.com, and ASC-Books.com

For press inquiries, contact support@asc-books.com or 980-439-6557.