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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Alvin Bragg Makes History As Manhattan’s First African-American District Attorney

Alvin Bragg

Nationwide — Alvin Bragg has made history as the first African American to be elected as Manhattan’s district attorney in New York City. Bragg, who is 48-years old and a native of Harlem, is a civil rights lawyer and a former federal prosecutor. During his campaign, he promised to change the culture of the district attorney’s office and to focus more on high-level offenses.

“The fundamental role of the district attorney is to guarantee both fairness and safety,” Bragg told supporters on election night, according to NBC News.

“That is the trust has been given to me on the ballot, but given to all of us — that’s what we’ve worked for — to show the city and the country a model for pairing partnership, pairing fairness and safety into one.”

In his new role, Bragg already has his hands full as he takes over the DA’s investigation into the Trump Organization. He is expected to decide whether to charge Donald Trump with a crime.