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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Black History Is Back in Style With These Amazing Black History Bowties — MLK, Rosa Parks and more!

Martin Luther King Bowtie

Nationwide — Black history is back in style, and it’s even making a fashion statement! BlackHistoryBowties.com has launched as the only online destination that sells printed bowties featuring African American heroes, and the bowties have become very popular very fast.

The unique black-and-white bowties feature the images of various Black history makers including Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King, Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, and many more! They are made of Kona white 100% cotton, are very durable, pre-tied, and come with adjustable neck straps that will generally fit any size. Even more, they will look amazing on you when you get suited up!

Here’s what some people are saying:

“Love ittttttt!!!!!” — S. Lee from Washington, DC

“This is a great idea for men, especially older men! They will love it!” — W. Moss from Ohio

“Way cool! I love it!” — B. Ann from Virginia

“These ties are very impressive!!” — E. Hawkes from Maryland

“This is a great way to wear your history, in style!” — D. Marquette from California

The bowties are currently retailing for just $19.99 each, but several of the designs are limited editions only. The company producing them says 75% of their orders are from women buying them as gifts for the men in their life!

Black History Bowties

For more details, visit www.BlackHistoryBowties.com

Black History Bowties, LLC

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