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Monday, January 9, 2023

Black Doctor Helps Women With Heavy Periods Gain Confidence with Leak-Resistant Period Panties

Dr, Amber Robins-Hickman

Nationwide — Dr. Amber Robins-Hickson, founder and creator of Sanxtuary MD, a company committed to supporting women during their menstrual cycles, is celebrating her company’s success in helping women and girls gain confidence with their signature leak-resistant Ultimate Period Panty. Because black women are known to suffer from heavier periods from fibroids starting at an early age, they can especially benefit from this product.

Sanxtuary MD’s Ultimate Period Panty features a revolutionary design that keeps pads of all sizes in place using comfortable straps inside. Each pair is manufactured with absorbent bamboo fabric that can hold up to six tampons worth of liquid and delivers powerful moisture-wicking, leak-resistant, and breathable properties. Offering protection day and night, the new Ultimate Period Panty takes important strides in inspiring confidence in women of all ages with a product that works for all body types and securely protects against sanitary pad slippage and leaks.

Dr. Amber Robins-Hickson, a double board-certified family and lifestyle medicine doctor, invented and now trusts the Ultimate Period Panty on her own journey with heavy bleeding. Her journey with fibroids became evident in her early 20s. The uterine growths grew to be the size of 13 centimeters during her pregnancy, possibly causing a preterm delivery when she was just 30 weeks pregnant, and leading to severe pain and bleeding postpartum. She has used her Sanxtuary MD ultimate panties daily to help with bleeding thanks to their built-in leak-resistant properties and their ability to keep a pad of any size in place.

Sanxtuary MD has pioneered its innovative period panty and menstrual product lines to give women the confidence and control they need each month to face both heavy and light bleeding. The brand’s ultimate period panty line solves problems with such periods and has been trusted by girls and women nationwide.

Today, women are turning to Sanxtuary MD to find a solution to heavy bleeding as Dr. Robins-Hickson did. As girls and women struggle with bleeding and embarrassing leaks, many continue to avoid having conversations about menstruation. Her company is leading the charge with a renewed emphasis on education and developing product lines that address leaking, sanitary napkin slippage, and preventing embarrassing moments with high-quality, leak-resistant period panties.

In an effort to bring attention to this cause worldwide, Sanxtuary MD is helping women gain more confidence in all areas of their lives and bringing attention to period poverty by donating 10 percent of proceeds to aligned causes.

Learn more by visiting the official website at SanxtuaryMD.com.

For press inquiries, contact support@SanxtuaryMD.com or 225-938-4478

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