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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

“America The Black Point of View” By Tony Rose Continues to Educate and Inspire Black Communities and Leaders

Tony Rose, author of America The Black Point of View

Bookcover and author, Tony Rose

Nationwide — Released earlier this year, America The Black Point of View by Tony Rose continues to spark the minds of black communities and leaders across the country. The book is essentially a children’s story – a story of tens of millions of children locked away in the segregated, red-lined ghettos and housing projects of America. It is the story of children living in horrific environments, with bad parents, in bad schools, where death rides hard and is known by everybody.

In this investigation and study of the white people of western Europe and America, Rose takes readers on an autobiographical and historic journey of great beauty and even greater horror. America The Black Point of View is a journey all the way to the terrifying, vicious and savagely honest, invisible black ghetto world of a child, and then teenager, growing up in the housing projects of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Rose, who is an NAACP Image Award Winner For Outstanding Literature, comments, “I found out early on that this was not going to be an easy book to write. I wanted to write an autobiography about… the horrific murderers, pimps, gangsters, rapists, drug dealers, drug addicts, child abusers and thieves that I grew up with, lived with and called family… [but] I soon realized that I could not write about me as an African-American… without writing about White America.”

He continues, “I come from a place that is so invisible that you can hardly see me. Yet, I am despised, hated and feared more than anyone or anything… I live in the underbelly of America and I am poor and have nothing. I am a Black man, a Black woman, a Black child… and I am invisible, until someone kills me.”


“I also wanted to write about what it was like for a child… in the real ghetto, the projects… where, contrary to how poor Black people are always depicted, there was no God, no church on Sundays, and no singing in the choir.” — Excerpted from the Introduction

“An alternately poignant and powerful autobiography that is as much a riveting overcoming-the-odds memoir as it is a searing indictment of the United States as a racist society. A must read.” — Kam Williams, Syndicated Book Reviewer


About the Author:
Tony Rose was born in Roxbury, (Boston) Massachusetts and raised in the Whittier Street Housing Projects. He is the Publisher and CEO of Amber Communications Group, Inc., the nation’s largest African American Publisher of Self-Help Books and Music Biographies, and is an NAACP Image Award Winner For Outstanding Literature.

He is the editor of numerous books and the co-writer of the national bestseller, Is Modeling For You? The Handbook and Guide For The Young Aspiring Black Model, written with Yvonne Rose, and has penned the critically acclaimed, international best-seller, Before the Legend: The Rise of New Kids On The Block and A Guy Named Maurice Starr, The Early Years.

He has written, compiled, edited and published, the award-winning, international best-seller, African American History In The United States of America — An Anthology — From Africa To President Barack Obama, Volume One, a Top Ten Best African American Book.


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