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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Amazing Ancient Secrets Hair Oil Adds Life to Black Women’s Hair — Wins Rave Reviews From Around the World

— Dallas-based hair care company turns an ancient secret into a global success —

Ancient Secrets Hair Growth Oil

Ancient Secrets Hair Growth Oil won an amazing 5-Star review from YouTube’s Simpley Subrena

Nationwide — People all over the world are raving about a very unique hair/body oil produced by Ancient Secrets, a Black-owned hair care company based in uptown Dallas, Texas. Meekah Royale, founder and CEO of the company, released her secret creation to the world in August 2013. She says that the ingredients came from a dream she had one night. She explains, “As I was sleeping, I began seeing letters written in cursive, which I believed were words from God.”

Little did she know that it was a formula that would some day help to change the world. That formula is now known as Ancient Secrets Hair Growth Oil (available online at www.ancientsecretsbeauty.com). One customer says she used the oil everyday on her scalp for Alopecia, and after 2 weeks her hair began growing back and her scalp was being healed.

So what’s the secret?

Well, first of all Ancient Secrets Hair Growth Oil contains a very unique formula that is made up of all-natural ingredients. These ingredients were used in ancient times by kings and queens of Egypt since 2000 BC. Therefore, the ingredients contain a calming and very effective aromatherapeutic effect that has been known for its effectiveness and potency. Even more, the ingredients naturally nourish and condition the hair to give it a healthy and frizz-free texture.

Some of the ingredients include tea tree oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and some Egyptian essential blends. The blend has an anti-viral and anti-bacterial consistency making it great for the skin as well, and it has been reported to assist with Eczema, Shingles, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Rosacea.

Many women already benefiting

Royale comments, “Thousands of women are beginning to see the effectiveness of this product that was birthed from what I believe was a prophetic dream.” She says for many, within just 2-3 weeks, they will start to notice hair growth combined with lustrous hair that is well-conditioned and healthy.

For more details about the company and/or the product, visit www.ancientsecretsbeauty.com or call (866) 867-5243.


Watch the YouTube review by SimplySubrena:


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