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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Black Mom, After Dealing With Her Son Being Bullied and Then Becoming a Bully Himself, Addresses the Topic in her New Children’s Book!

Andrea Lockhart Nixon, author of Two Muffins

Andrea Lockhart Nixon, author of Two Muffins

Nationwide — Andrea Lockhart-Nixon is a new author in the Raleigh, NC area. She has written and published a great book titled, Two Muffins. This is the first in the series, Aaron’s Life Journeys. Her next book in her series is titled, The Tool Box, which is due to come out in the spring of 2019. Andrea’s books deal with issues such as bullying, childhood obesity, prejudice within children because of their differences, while teaching the importance of acceptance, diversity, and valuing God’s creation.

The book tells the story about a 5-year old little boy named Aaron and a five-year-old little girl named Peggy, who is nick named, “Cutie Pie Peggy,” in the book. Peggy is a chubby little girl who loves to eat and is often teased about her weight.

Aaron, in the story, is the coolest little boy in his class. However, Aaron needs to be taught a lesson about acceptance and how God wants us to view others. When the class see how Aaron tease (a form of bullying) Peggy, they begin to do the same. Ms. Molly (lead teacher) and Ms. Joybell (assistant teacher) know they must come up with a plan to teach the children, especially Aaron, how to embrace others and their differences.

Andrea’s books can be used as a teaching tool for teachers, parents, churches, and other organizations that advocate for children. It is a terrific book for opening the pathway to talk about children with Autism, ADHD, and other disabilities. Andrea books have questions at the end, that can be used as an ice breaker for sensitive topics that most people find uncomfortable to discuss.

Andrea’s books for the most part is written on a non-fiction bases. It is her middle son, Aaron, life experiences, that inspired her to write. It is Andrea’s hope, throughout her series of books, she will reach children who may share some of Aaron’s experiences and gain positive views and hope for a more accepting world.

For more details about Andrea or her book, visit http://Andrealockhartnixon.wixsite.com/twomuffins

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