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Monday, August 19, 2019

Mom Who Taught Her 3-Year Old Son How to Read and Write Launches Course For Other Parents

Andrea Stephenson, founder of the Simply Outrageous Youth course

Andrea Stephenson, founder of the Simply Outrageous Youth course

Washington, DC — Andrea Stephenson was a full-time working mom who thought her son would learn the alphabet by the age of 3 or 4. However, by utilizing fun and playful in-depth learning methods, her son spoke in full sentences at 18 months, started spelling and reading at 21 months, could write the alphabet and numbers by 27 months, and do multiplication by 36 months.

Now, she wants to show parents that all children are capable of doing this in a natural, playful environment without flashcards. Andrea is often approached by parents asking about her son’s abilities. So, she has created an online course called “Teach Your Toddler to Read Through Play”.

In this course, she reveals how her son was able to read on a third-grade level at the age of 3. She shows the books they read, the toys they played with, videos they watched and danced to, footage of her son from a baby to preschooler learning to read in a playful manner, and much more.

Andrea has also written two books called Teach Your Toddler to Read Through Play and Fun and Easy Ways to Teach Your Toddler to Write. Each book contains over 130 activities, tips, and resources to expose your child to reading and writing in a fun way. Both books are available on Amazon.

Andrea believes all children are born creative geniuses. She says that parents just need the right techniques to foster it. She invites you to make the world a learning playground for your children.

About the Author
Andrea is the creator of the blog and organization SimplyOutrageousYouth.org, which has helped thousands of parents expose their children to PLAYFUL in-depth and accelerated learning methods. Her website has weekly tips, activities, and resources. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with experience in play therapy, and has over 20 years experience in working with children.

Simply Outrageous Youth gives additional activities and tips on the following platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.


Andrea Stephenson