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Monday, September 25, 2017

Angel Investors Unveil BlackConnect.com

— A group of African-American investors create business and social network —

Ivan Conard, director at BlackConnect.com

Ivan Conard, Director of Sales, Operations, and Development at Blackconnect.com

New York, NY — Today, a group of investors announced the launch of BlackConnect.com, a web-based business and social network with a mobile application. Black Connect™ is the missing link in social media that connects social interaction and business networking for millennials, and connects minority business owners, entrepreneurs, and consumers in a universal way.

Ivan Conard, a recent graduate of Morehouse College, is Black Connect’s Director of Sales, Operations, and Development. “As a sales and finance professional, I find networking to be a seminal tool in empowering both students and entrepreneurs to their full potential,” says Conard. “Currently, there are a number of social and employment oriented networking platforms available. While having a similar function, other social media leave a void that Black Connect™ fills. We want to encourage entrepreneurship among millennials, and help all minority business owners gain exposure and increase revenue. Our goal is to be the force that elevates minority owned businesses and corporations.”

Platinum selling, veteran music producer Rodney (Show) Lemay, and his son, Jahlil Lemay are a father/son entrepreneurial team as co-owners of D.I.T.C. Recording Studios in New York City. “I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life,” says the senior Lemay. “It’s what I believe in and it’s what I instilled in my son. I know that an integral part of the success of every entrepreneur is connections.”

At 21 years of age, Jahlil is a college student and the head engineer. “My dad and I love to support other minority-owned businesses,” says Jahlil. “We have so much positive energy for the future of Black Connect and the growth and development of the network.”

Morehouse College student, Marshawn Kelly Dickson, is one of Black Connect’s HBCU Ambassadors. “Black businesses still represent less than ten percent of all U.S. businesses,” commented Dickson. “As a young, future entrepreneur, I’m happy that there is now a business and social network that thoughtfully addresses my needs.”

Black Connect’s Interactive Business Directory System allows business owners to engage with consumers within the business directory and the online store. Black Connect members can search for minority-owned businesses in their area, and provide feedback to businesses. Businesses can feature products and create promotions to attract new clients and customers. Black Connect™ also connects businesses with investors, and facilitates partnerships and mergers. In addition to providing business services, Black Connect™ also provides the bells and whistles that keep millennials engaged. Black Connect™ allows members to socialize by sharing photos, video, music, and events. Members can create groups, pages, and much more.

Join BlackConnect.com to explore its features, register your business, shop, and start connecting. Download the Black Connect™ mobile app for Android in Google Play and IOS in the App Store.


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