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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Black Hair Care Entrepreneur Releases Book to Educate Women Who Are Prisoners to Their Weaves

African American author and hair care entrepreneur, Angela Brown, releases new book entitled “How to Get the Healthy Back in Your Hair” and a line of all-natural hair care products that resolve thinning and balding issues.

Angela Brown, founder of D'Serv Professional Haircare Products

Angela Brown, founder of D’Serv Professional Haircare Products

Nationwide — Hair stylist turned entrepreneur Angela H. Brown, is the founder of D’Serv Professional Hair Care Products. But she is also an author and advocate that speaks out boldly about hair loss, and how to prevent it. She says that over 80 million women and men suffer from hair loss in the United States.

Angela started out with humble beginnings as a licensed cosmetologist in Memphis, Tennessee. She has been in the beauty industry for over 38 years, and her love for growing hair never left her. Young but motivated to growing hair was her passion. After writing her first book, It’s Mo Better the Second Time Around, the light bulb went off and she began writing again. This time she put the pencil to the legal pad and researched why people are losing hair so fast.

She learned that hair loss can come from so many stress-related issues such as Hereditary hair loss, male and female baldness pattern, and Androgenetic Alopecia. Hair loss can also be a result of side effects from medications, chemicals, applications, and weave or wigs. One main killer of hair loss is the application of weave or wigs.

Angela says that she wants hair stylists as well as their customers to understand that she isn’t against a good weave; But she is concerned about the application, and how long it’s being worn. In her book How to Get the Healthy Back in Your Hair, she has a chapter called “Be Weave It Or Not” that explains how a weave can cause long term damage if you apply it incorrectly. One main issue is that the glue will take your hair out permanently if you don’t get treatments regularly. Angela comments, “Back in the day, people would wear a weave or wig for fashion. Now it seems that they are prisoners to weaves. Some hair stylist/ barbers also play a role in brain washing their clients into thinking that hair loss is permanent. This is a big untruth.”

In her book, she gives new hope whether you’re wearing a weave or not just by using professional quality products and not keeping your weave or wig on or in too long. She comments, “Weaves bring in big revenue for hair/barber stylists, so why would they educate you if they want to make lots of money? People are more concerned about how long their braids or weaves last than what will their real hair look like when it comes out.” Angela expresses how society plays a role as well; People want to look just like celebrity influencers. “They are spending thousands on weave while their real hair gets abandoned. Now, over the years you have a lifetime sentence of wearing a weave or wig even if you can’t afford it. The Chinese market produces so many different ways to do it fast while your hair is coming out faster!”

She adds, “I was in a beauty supply store owned by a Asian ,and she said she asked the owner to make a recommendation to an older lady for a high quality product. The owner replied, ‘I don’t care about growing hair; It is all about the money.’ This made me realize that I needed to rekindle my book, and educate everyone on tips on keeping their hair healthy!”

The Good Hair News

How to Get the Healthy Back in Your Hair talks about tips on stress issues in your hair, and how you can regrow your hair all over again. Angela also in 2016 developed her own hair care line D’Serv Professional Hair Care while you’re reading your book you will have great products that will promote hair growth! Also, Angela added a beautiful poem called “Blowing in the Wind” it has a New Orleans flavor, and speaks about how sexy, and free your hair should feel while walking. This amazing author gives all the glory to God, he gave her the gift of growing hair.

These days, she now promotes her products, books, and has even opened a beautiful salon in Collierville, Tennessee in the Memphis area. It is called D’Serv Healthy Hair Salon, where there is an open salon and a private suite for hair consultations. Angela has help extreme hair loss situations, such as side effects from medications, weave damage, and over processed hair from chemicals. Angela has helped women and men now she is helping children!

One strand at a time and her goal is to educate worldwide on changing your loss of faith on getting your glory back. Her next move is becoming a trichologist. Angela is the real deal in hair care. If you want to rekindle your hair and release your weave or wig, then you might want to read her book, and try her products! Maybe you can get your glory back and experience your real hair, “Blowing in The Wind”! Learn how to release the chains of damaged hair through this tell all book!

Learn more at www.deservehealthyhair.com or follow the brand on Instagram at @dservhealthyhair


Angela H. Brown

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