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Monday, October 24, 2022

Black Cosmetologist Reinvents Herself After Near Death Experience, Launches Online Course For Entrepreneurs

Angie Ravenel

Nationwide — Angie Ravenel, a 30-year veteran hairstylist from South Carolina, never thought that she wouldn’t retire happily from working in her salon of 25 years. However, a life-changing experience forced her to change her plans and now she is the creator of an online course called Create A Winning Online Course that is helping to inspire and empower Black entrepreneurs.

It all began when Angie became extremely ill and experienced what doctors would call a near-death experience. She became so ill at home to the point of not being able to walk on her own. Angie’s lungs were filled with pneumonia, she also became sepsis. Her oxygen levels became so low she was placed on a ventilator, contracted another strain of pneumonia, and got MRSA. That 3-week stay in the hospital changed everything. With the help and prayers of family and friends, Angie survived.

“I was not the same person physically and mentally afterward,” she says. Even though, Angie went through therapy, she wasn’t able to put in the work she once did physically, which included standing behind the salon chair for hours at a time.

She then saw an opportunity to become a course provider for the beauty industry in South Carolina. Keep in mind, Angie has over 30 years of beauty industry experience, along with being an Instructor of Cosmetology, a makeup artist, a photographer, founder of ARAVENEL Products, and an author. This internationally known and published entrepreneur realized; if she can put all of her expertise into online courses she wouldn’t have to withstand the physical labor that comes with standing behind the salon chairs. It was then that Excel Continuing Education was born.

Soon after the creation of ECE, the pandemic of Covid began showing itself in the worst way possible. Angie’s salon (and others) was shut down due to the CDC/Governor mandates. “I also couldn’t teach in classrooms due to Covid.”

“I had no choice but to focus my attention on Excel Continuing Education,” says Angie. What I didn’t know was that I was making my business pandemic-proof. By offering online courses, I was able to flourish. Surprisingly, individuals in the beauty industry were still able to get their hours of continuing education for license renewal through Angie’s online courses because everything was shut down.

With the help of family, Excel Continuing Education grew practically overnight.

Angie would constantly get requests from other black women, who too wanted to create online courses. They would ask her how she did it. She would get offers to sit and have lunch with them or if she could give a tip or two. It was then that Angie had an aha moment. Along with her beauty courses, and career development online courses she created a master online course that teaches and demonstrates to individuals how to create their very own online course. She didn’t stop there.

Create a Winning Online Course is not just for the beauty industry. This self-paced, 14 module online course teaches anyone, with any niche or expertise, how to create online courses successfully. Mrs. Ravenel now teaches others how they too can reach the masses and monetize. They too can become pandemic-proof. She lets them know that digital assets are here and will consistently grow. The online education industry is worth billions. “Now is the time to get ahead of this new learning curve and I can show you how,” says Angie.

Just because you stopped working doesn’t mean it stops there. Why not put your expertise into online courses? Angie also consults with individuals who just need questions answered or need that nudge to get them started.
Who knew reinventing oneself can be so beneficial to all?

To learn more about the online course and/or to sign up, visit ExcelContinuingEducation.com/createanonlinecourse

For press inquiries, contact angie@aravenelbrand.com or call 843-900-1610.