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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Her Neighbors Thought She Was a Friendly Church-Going Woman; But Police Say She Killed and Tortured Children

Anna Elizabeth Young

Nationwide — 76-year old Anna Elizabeth Young, a former cult leader from Florida, has been finally located and arrested at her home in the Atlanta metro area. Police say that she once ran a religious boarding school in Florida, where she allegedly tortured and even murdered children.

Her home reportedly has multiple signs that say “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” and “Jesus is the Answer,” but Young is actually a convicted felon. She already served prison time after being convicted in 2001 of child abuse when she reportedly burned a 12-year old girl in a bath tub with chemicals.

But the recent arrest is for what police are calling a “committed premeditated first degree murder of a child” that happened many years ago.

Her neighbors were in total shock, and had no clue of her dark past.

One of them told reporters, “I know she’s involved with the church as you can see with the Jesus rock and the Jesus sign, and I know they have like church bazaars on weekend.”

Another said, “I got three children so if she did something like that for children they should have gotten her on the spot and it should have been literally a nationwide manhunt for her.”

Police say there may have been other victims.

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