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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Black Landlord Says the City of San Francisco Took Her Buildings Worth $25 Million

Anna Kihagi

Nationwide — Anna Kihagi, a landlord and real estate investor, says that the San Francisco City Attorney presented false evidence to the courts 3 years ago, and is now prohibiting her from entering into her own buildings and collecting rent from her own tenants.

Kihagi says that she has been subjected to racism and treachery, but vows to be relentless until a true investigation into the more than 20 misrepresentations that were made are resolved.

She comments, “Whenever we hear about cops that have falsified evidence, we all pay attention. Yet, when the city attorneys deliberately mislead the court, the courts do not want to hear it and neither do the Bar Associations. So, who will police dirty city attorneys?”

Kihagi says that she is the victim of more than 20 violations of laws and misrepresentations in a system that has enabled tenants to present false evidence to a city attorney who knew the truth, but thought the means justified the end.

“The court ignored the evidence,” she comments. “And now I have to file an action against such a practice that the courts know most people cannot afford to do. Why should anyone be subjected to such dishonest public officers?”

For information about Anna Kihagi and her ongoing case, visit AnneKihagiSF.com

For press inquiries, contact annakihaginews@gmail.com

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