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Monday, April 6, 2020

86-Year Old Woman and Her 3 Sons From New Orleans Have All Died From Coronavirus

Antoinette Franklin, elderly Black woman who died from Coronavirus with 3 sons

New Orleans, LA — Antoinette Franklin, an elderly woman from New Orleans who was 86-years old, and her 3 sons, who were aged 58 to 71, have all died from complications of the coronavirus after testing positive of COVID-19.

“My uncle passed, my grandmother passed, my dad passed, then my other uncle passed its literally like 7-8 days apart it’s horrific,” Anthony Franklin told WDSU.

58-year old Anthony Franklin Sr. was remembered for his love for music and his family.

61-year old Timothy Franklin was considered the baseball enthusiast in the family.

71-year old Herman Franklin wanted to be closer to his family so he just recently moved back to New Orleans.

Their family said they are not sure how they were infected of the virus, but confirmed that they all got sick almost at the same time.

“I want the world to know if it happened to the Franklin family it could happen to any family,” Jacqueline Franklin said. “Let’s take this serious my children have to bury their father, their precious grandmother and their uncles. Let’s not let this happen to another family.”

A service for her 3 sons was held last Friday and attended by only a few relatives and friends to adhere to the social distancing restrictions. A separate service was set for Antoinette on Saturday.