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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Family of Father of 5 Who Died After Refusing to Get Vaccinated Receives $75K in Donations

Antwone Rivers, father of 5 children dies

Lincoln Park, MI — Antwone Rivers, a father of 5 from Michigan, has died from COVID-19 just a few weeks after deciding not to get vaccinated. His wife, who is grieving his sudden death, regrets it and is now encouraging others to get their vaccination.

Antwone, who is 39-years old, started experiencing symptoms in April. He and his wife, Hollie Rivers, tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after.

“I know that it was like a week into us having Covid he started feeling worse and I started feeling better,” Hollie told Fox 32 Chicago.

Antwone was taken to the hospital, where he was put on a ventilator. His condition still worsened and his organs, except his liver, began to shut down.

Antwone, who had no known underlying medical condition, died after a month of battle to COVID.

Hollie said they observed health protocols such as wearing masks and social distancing. But they decided not to get vaccinated as they aren’t comfortable. But Hollie said if they could turn back time, they would have gotten vaccinated.

“It was funny because two weeks prior to this happening — we were talking about it more saying maybe we should get vaccinated and now it’s like, a big loss for everybody.”

Antwone is remembered as a loving father who worked hard for his family. Growing up, he went through challenges in foster care, such as abuse and neglect, but eventually overcame it and he didn’t want his 3 children to undergo the same situation.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe has been set up to help relieve the financial needs of his family after his sudden death. It has so far raised over $75,000.