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Friday, February 24, 2023

Apparel Brand For Black Women Celebrates 25 Years With New Pants Suit Collection and More

Black women wearing pant suits

NationwideWomenSuits, an apparel company that has been dressing professional Black woman for more than two decades is celebrating its 25th year in business with a new active wear pantsuit collection. Since 1998, the company has been devoted entirely to women’s suits, dresses, hats, and high fashion style for special occasions.

The company has been featured all over television and in a number of top women’s magazines, including Fashion Today, Oprah’s O Magazine, Essence, Vogue and more. Since then, they have expanded their customer service and their lines of clothing to include chic casual outfits, dresses, sportswear, outerwear and accessories.

In addition, the company offers a unique collection that matches the color and personality of various Black fraternities including Alpha Kappa Alpha
, Delta Sigma Theta, and Sigma Gamma Rho.

The high fashion suits they sell are the same as those found in many of the fine boutiques and specialty shops around the world. However, because of the nature of high fashion boutiques, high markups are necessary to pay for overhead, high rent, and other huge costs. WomenSuits, though, has erased the problem of having to mark up prices and at the same time has acquired the complete product line of the most talented designers.

For more details and/or to place an order, visit BuyWomenSuits.com