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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Meet the First Black Supply Chain Executive to Successfully Execute International Expansion of a Restaurant Chain into the U.S.

During a time where corporate diversity is being threatened daily, April Williams remains business centered while dismantling obstacles.

April Williams

Nationwide — More than 20 years ago, before DEI was a term, before corporate employees dared to speak about their unfair treatment or lack of inclusion in the workplace, April Williams, Executive Director of Supply Chain & Global Expansion for Eureka! Restaurant Group, a Southern California native, began her career in Supply Chain. She began her career as a floating assistant, which meant she didn’t have a real title within the organization. She moved from department to department assisting buyers in any way needed.

Over the next two decades, Williams would earn her education and apply it across multiple facets and industries. As a supply chain professional, she would work for top tier companies like; The Four Seasons, Dai Moda, Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets and BJ’s Restaurants. In 2019, after contributing to the success of BJ’s crossing into annual revenues of one Billion dollars, Williams joined Eureka! Restaurant Group, based in Los Angeles, California. She became an integral part of transforming Eureka! Restaurant Group into a hospitality group by expanding a successful restaurant chain from Mexico City, MX (CDMX) into the United States.

La Popular CDMX, is a chef driven, tantalizing, authentic taste of Mexico that the U.S. never knew they needed. Williams spent several months preparing for the expansion by visiting the first locations in Mexico City, cross functionally coordinating with hospitality partners in Mexico, and spear-headed all operational strategies and negotiations in relation to supply chain. She opened 5 locations within a single year, from November 2022-December 2023. The vibrant and alluring vibe of a La Popular restaurant and the tastes of the fresh and authentic ingredients used, is a true reflection of the passion that Williams has poured into her work.

Despite the many instances of inclusivity, invisible barriers that were exclusive to her, implicit biases, and harassment throughout her career, Williams chose to remain focused on her goals of corporate success. Instead of being distracted by negative behaviors of others, she chooses to focus on the positive influences and experiences, always excited to achieve her next success.

“Recognizing your worth is amazing because you will realize that there is more to realize, more to love, more to grow, and more, and more, and more. What God has for you is never ending. Keep Pushing,” says Williams.

For additional information regarding April Williams, La Popular CDMX, or Eureka! Restaurant Group, please contact hello@thebrandpr.net or 562-212-2923.