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Friday, August 24, 2018

25-Year Old Killed in Chicago — Had a New Job, Bought a New Car, and Recently Became the Father of a Newborn Baby

Armani Harris

Armani Harris

Chicago, IL — Armani Harris, a 25-year old African American man, was fatally shot at a stop light in a park near the University of Chicago campus. Harris’ family is devastated by his sudden death, especially since he had a newborn baby and a better life ahead of him.

The incident happened a little after midnight last Thursday. Harris was inside his car stopped by a red light in the Midway Plaisance in a small park operated by the Chicago Park District when another car pulled up and someone inside it fired several shots to Harris’ car injuring him in the head, shoulder, arm, and thigh.

He was able to drive his car to a short distance until he crashed into a tree. Harris was transported to the University of Chicago Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Harris’ family was heartbroken over his murder. Archer Williams, his grandfather, has nothing but good to say about him. He told ABC7, “He’s a good kid. He just got a new job. Got a new car to get back and forth to work, a new baby. He was just reaching his stride. I know you’re not supposed to question God, but man. I don’t get it.”

His mother, Candace Anderson, is asking for help to find her son’s murderer. She said, “I beg you please if you know anything about anything about this murder please let the police know.”

She added that Wednesday is Harris’ day off from work and that he spent his day on the beach. Harris leaves behind two children.

“He recently had a baby and he has a stepchild,” Anderson said. “He took on his girlfriend even when she was pregnant. He got with her and he raised her child.”

Meanwhile, police noted that Harris did not have any criminal records.

There is no suspect for the shooting yet and it still remains under investigation.